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This business has grown out of our affinity with the foothills of the Himalayas. Having grown up in a self-sufficient community, many of the items for sale are sourced from the area of Himalayas (Uttrakhand). The mountain people of this region have been making and selling handicrafts for millennia. Their talent provides important income to support rural communities who are otherwise dependent on farming high altitude spices and herbs.



 Himalayan Crafts offers the opportunity for handy Craftsman to be made available to a wider audience whilst promoting the traditional designs of local artisans and therefore bringing sustainable fashion to you . The items for sale reflect the colours and beauty of living in harmony with nature. All items are hand picked and checked to guarantee quality of raw materials and fabrics in finished goods.



 Our aim is to promote fair trade and to promote eco friendly products by buying directly from artisans to ensure profit reaches local communities. Our personal connections to the area as well as those with the local artisans has lent our business a strong family feel. Initially, we sold only Himalayan products however our range has been expanded to include lines from other rural artisans in Nepal and from other parts of India.



 Himalayan Crafts has been trading for 3 years and you may have seen us at our stall at one of the UK Summer festivals. We hope you enjoy browsing our online store. 



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