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Image by Abhishek Singh

Welcome to Himalayan Crafts!



The core of our vision and mission is fostering fair trade and championing eco-friendly products. We source all our products from groups where we can help and empower local individuals and communities. The majority of the items in our shop are from women’s cooperatives in Nepal and India.


Our journey began from a profound passion for the Himalayan foothills intertwined with our rich creative heritage. For generations, skilled mountain artisans have bestowed upon us an exquisite array of handicrafts, showcasing their talents while uplifting rural communities reliant on high-altitude farming of spices and herbs.

The profits we receive through our shop support our small Spiritual community nestled in the heart of the Himalayas.  A vision brought to life in 1981.

Our aspirations are to craft spaces that etch everlasting impressions on people's hearts. We meticulously curate an environment that encapsulates beauty and leaves indelible experiences. Our commitment lies in championing authentic items crafted by genuine artisans. We consciously collaborate with individuals who share our values, fostering a community that thrives in mindful gatherings.

Himalayan Crafts epitomises a synergy between our own handcrafted designs and the vibrant expressions brought to life by the skilled artisans across India and Nepal. Together, we cultivate shared creative endeavours while securing livelihoods.

We are grateful for our local collaborations and being able to directly empower local communities, supporting and enriching their lives.


 Himalayan Crafts has been trading for seven years and you may have seen us at our stall at one of the UK Summer festivals. We hope you enjoy browsing our online store. 



More importantly...




...Be Happy…Share Love…Discover Yourself…

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