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Indulge in the beauty of our hand-knitted Himalayan Rainbow-colored jackets, meticulously crafted with vibrant hues that echo the rich cultural tapestry of the region. Each stitch is a testament to the dedication and skill of local Nepalese rural women, pouring their hearts into creating these masterpieces with profound care and love.

These jackets aren't just about fashion; they're a symbol of empowerment, handcrafted by skilled artisans using pure, hand-dyed wool. The wool, sourced directly from the Himalayas, undergoes a meticulous dyeing process with low-impact dyes, ensuring not only the preservation of its purity but also a minimal environmental footprint.

To elevate your experience, we've layered these exquisite knits with high-quality fleece, offering unparalleled warmth and comfort. Wearing these jackets isn't merely donning clothing; it's embracing a piece of Nepali heritage, celebrating the artistry, culture, and eco-conscious approach embedded in every stitch.

Available in sizes : Small and Extra Large

Himalayan Wool Hand Knitted Rainbow Jacket

SKU: 000336
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