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Yoga for Strengthening Planets in Astrology

There are two types of problems. First this comes due to range of planet. These problems remain for a short time. If Saturn is the owner of fourth place and it is weak then one cannot get good friends. One cannot get benefit by immediate solution. If one’s Saturn or Sun is on seventh place then they may have problems in marriage life. In this situation you should do such measure for life time. If you do not do such measure then you may have problems in your married life. When Moon is affected by Saturn, Rahu and Ketu then one may have sediment for a life time. If Moon affect fourth, seventh and twelfth place then there may be problem of breathe and ribs. You should do such measure for Moon for a life time.


If Sun is weak then one does not get excellence and prestige. If you do such measure for life time then the adverse effect can be removed. The planets are available in the body. Due to range of planet it changes its effect. The planets whose energy is less it affects adversely. One can get benefit by doing such measure. You should do worship of your deity for 15 min in the morning and 15 min in the evening. You have to do such measure to give strength to the main planet. You have to do Yoga always for 30 minutes.

If Sun is weak then your confidence level decrease. You eyes have problems. Your father’s health may affect. One have problem in their married life. They cannot get respect from their relatives. They may have problems in their job. You should do such measure to give strength to Sun. you can do Tratak at the time of Sunrise. You can wear Khadaw and stand on bench of Kusha. You have to do Tadashan in front of Sun. You can say “Om” and take 5 times deep breathe. You have to smile while seeing Sun for 5 minutes and then increase the time. You have to see the sun which is rising. If you get tears in your eyes then you should blink your eyes and then start the exercise once again. You have to serve water to the Sun. You have to seat after washing your eyes.


If Moon is weak then person may have mental disorder. It affects the eyes and mother. One has to struggle in their life. In this situation one should do such measure. You should worship to Lord Shiva. You can do Anuloam Vilom. You can also do Nadi Sodhan and Pranayama. Whenever you have mental stress or weakness then you should do yoga. You should do Nadi Sodhan activity with empty stomach. You have to drink more water.

If Mars is weak then the problems arise in the marriage. Physical problem occur due to angriness. Social problems increase. You may have blood pressure problem. You may have eye problem. There may be problem arise with siblings. Also headache increase. Your bones and muscles become weak. You should do Bhastrika Pranayama. You should do Tratak in front of the Full Moon cycle(from new moon to full moon).


Weak Mercury creates skin problems. It creates wrinkles on the skin. Money cannot save. If Mercury is weak then your lips can be stretched. You speech may become weak. Memory power decrease. There would be decrease in happiness of siblings. Person’s neck and height would be less. You should do Shavashan. You can do Tadashan. You can concentrate on green color. Person becomes hyper and immature. You should eat more fruits and drink water. While eating your face should be in east direction. You can avoid red color.


If Jupiter is weak then it affects liver, skin and married life. There may be delay in marriage. You can get success but it won’t stay for a long time. If you do Bhastrika Pranayama your breathe problem can be solved. You can do Pranayama with your idol. You should do Rechak, Purak and Kumbhak. Hormonal disturbance can be solved by doing Pranayama. There are types of Pranayama. Taking breathe is Purak. Stopping breathe in a body is Kumbhak. Leaving breathe is Rechak. Pranayama covert the body’s energy in concentration. It gives peace to the mind. Person can solved sediment problem by doing Pranayama. They can also save their life from Gout, Cough and Vain diseases. You will gain positive energy and also prestige increase. You should control breathe during Yoga. You should involve your body with brain. Concentrate on breathe and memorize the deity. Brain and body will gain.


If Venus is weak then fertility decreases. You may have diabetes. You cannot use electronic equipment. You will get disappointment from the women. You may have hormone problem. You will get benefit by doing Yoga. If Venus is weak then you cannot get splendor. You can do Ujjai Pranayama. You can eat Sabudana. You can also drink milk. You have to Mool bhandh.


If Saturn is weak then person will go away from everyone. They may have throat and vain problems. There is more struggle and unhappiness in life. You can do Sitalikriya. You can also do Kapalbhati and Pranayama. Do not do Sitalikriya in winter. To give strength to Saturn you should do yoga.

Rahu(Moon North node)

If Rahu is weak then one should not have good relations with Paternal home. Person’s fat rapidly increase. Due to stomach, weight suddenly decreases. Rahu affects in every matter and work. You have to seat after washing your hands and legs and do Bhastrika. You have to close your eyes and listen your heartbeat. You have to imagine white light. You have to observe Lord Shiva. When you do meditation you should wear white clothes.

Ketu(Moon South node)

If Ketu is weak then person have fear. Their self-confidence decrease. They cannot sleep well. They quarrel with everyone. They cannot save money. You should do meditation. You have to observe Lord Hanuman or Shiva. Also you can observe your deity by doing Bhastrika. You have to do meditation in open sky. You can also observe the open and blue sky.

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